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The Sutherlandia plant will make the lives of many poorer people in South Africa dramatically better. Sutherlandia.Com acknowledges its responsibility to the native inhabitants of Africa (and soon Asia and South America) who are the real custodians of the knowledge of plants such as Sutherlandia. We are determined to ensure that they benefit from the commercialization of these plants.


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If you have any question relating to Sutherlandia, our professional and courteous staff will be delighted to help you.

Please note that we will make every effort to minimize the amount of personal information we ask for: we will only seek the absolute minimum in order to quickly and accurately help your inquiry.

None of the information provided to us will be divulged to any third party

If you wish to order Sutherlandia.Com products, please click here.

If you wish to purchase bulk quantities (over 100 units), you should contact us (details below) and we can give you are bulk prices.

If you would like to buy Sutherlandia frutescens milled material, please email us at



Alternatively, you can email us here:

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You can speak to us on:

+27 21 783 5414

Hours of business are 0900 to 1700, South African Time.


You can fax us on:

+27 21 783 3562



Please direct all written correspondence to:

General Enquiries

African Botanicals

PO Box 48119
Cape Town
South Africa
Of Interest
Have you benefited from Sutherlandia.Com products? Write to us and let us know. If you grant us your permission, we would be pleased to put your comments up on this website, to help others understand how Sutherlandia.Com products can make their lives better.


If you know of someone who would benefit from Sutherlandia, please direct them to this website: kindly do not supply us with any contact details for them as this violates our strict privacy policy.



We are working on expanding our representation in various countries to more effectively serve your needs. More details will follow shortly.


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