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The Sutherlandia plant grows best in the dry climate found in much of South Africa. The flower, the leaves and the stems all have useful properties...however, Sutherlandia will never become a culinary sensation: the taste of any part of it is generally regarded as horrendous.


What would you like to know?
Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get with regards to Sutherlandia. Many of the answers to questions here you can find elsewhere on our site.

If you cannot see your question here, please don't hesitate to ask us and we will do our utmost to give you a speedy response.

Your Questions
  1. You state that Sutherlandia won't cure HIV / AIDS, cancer or TB...yet it should be used to treat these conditions? Why the contradiction? What is the point of using it if it won't cure anything?

  2. An African plant to treat serious conditions? Sounds like a total scam to rip off desperate people who are suffering.

  3. What quality control measures do you use?

  4. How much Sutherlandia should I take?

  5. Can I use it to treat eczema?

  6. Where are your success stories?

  7. It tastes awful! How can anyone eat this?

  8. What further research is being done?

  9. What have been the results of clinical trials?

  10. How do I know Sutherlandia is safe?

  11. Why does Sutherlandia work?

  12. Why is it so inexpensive? It can't be effective if it's so cheap!

  13. If Sutherlandia is so effective, why is it not being more widely used?

  14. Why don't you have overseas offices? Why are you only represented in South Africa?

  15. What other plants are you researching?

  16. Are you looking at any animal derived products?

  17. Are your plants genetically modified? Do you have any plans to do so?

  18. Is Sutherlandia a restricted product at all?

  19. Will my health insurance cover Sutherlandia?

  20. Why don't you patent your discoveries? How can you make a profit?

  21. I do not see any animal derived products here - why is this so?

Your Answers
  1. Whilst Sutherlandia cannot cure the conditions mentioned directly, it can help in many of the severe side effects, such as the wastage syndrome and the depression that can accompany these serious illnesses. It can improve the overall quality of life of an individual. Whilst this is not a cure, it is a very worthwhile alleviation of the symptoms.

  2. Many plants are used for medicinal purposes and Africa, with its remarkable plants researchers. Sutherlandia is not some new wonder plant: it has been used for centuries but has only recently been the subject of tremendous interest by many Western medical researchers. More details can be found here. Sceletium, though a little less well known, has almost as long a history of usage. Please click here.

  3. The plant where the tablets and Gel are manufactured complies with all requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice standard of the Medicines Control Council of the RSA.

  4. With tablets, the recommended dosage is 1 tablet twice daily. With the Gel, you should apply as much to treat the required area so as to make a thin film all over it - no more is needed.

  5. We have had good results with some types of eczema, but not all. Basically, eczema that has been caused by nickel allergy is quite successfully treated in most cases, whereas genetically caused eczema does not respond at all to Sutherlandia Frutescens Gel.

  6. For reasons of privacy, we have not put up any success stories yet. As can be appreciated, most people with the serious ailments that Sutherlandia can help with would like to maintain their anonymity. However, we do expect that shortly, there will be some courageous individuals who will be telling their stories.

  7. It does indeed taste awful - which is why you should not taste it. The tablets are meant to be swallowed quickly and not tasted - and Sutherlandia Frutescens Gel is not meant for any ingestion. When taking the tablets, you should swallow them quickly with the aid of some water.

  8. Sutherlandia is being researched right now by various institutions - you can find more details here.

  9. Very positive. Click here.

  10. Sutherlandia has been used for hundreds of years by native tribes in Africa with only the most mild of side effects reported in rare instances. Various trials have confirmed no ill effects. Please click here for more details

  11. The key components of Sutherlandia are documented to have remarkable properties in the treatment of numerous ailments. The presence of substances such as D-Pinitol, GABA, Asparagine and L-Canavanine point, in part, to the effectiveness of Sutherlandia. However, there are other substances, such as SU1, which also have a positive effect. It is possible that the interaction of all of these substances together is what gives Sutherlandia the depth of its properties.

  12. Sutherlandia is being widely used in parts of Africa, but its use in other parts of the world is just starting. This is because there is, naturally enough, some skepticism about so called "miracle" cures from Africa. However, research has confirmed that Sutherlandia is both safe and effective. It's usage is growing, as can be confirmed by a search in any Internet search engine. In the RSA, there was a recent scandal of an AIDS treatment which saw millions of dollars disappear on a scam treatment - combine this with the natural inertia of any government and you have the ingredients of a very slow acceptance process at official levels.

  13. The plant is not a difficult species to grow and we deliberately try to keep ours costs down to the lowest degree possible so that it can reach as many people as possible. Just because it is inexpensive does not mean it is ineffective. It is not always correct to assume the validity of the pharmaceutical companies arguments that effective treatments require massive investments in time and money, which must be recouped through high end user costs.

  14. We will be opening up overseas offices as soon as the scale of our operations enables us to do so without raising the price of Sutherlandia. Please note again our aim is to the lowest cost possible. The greater the initial costs we would create would have to be passed onto the consumer without any real benefit to the consumer. Right now, we prefer to concentrate on researching some potentially new substances rather than opening up sales offices.

  15. This is commercially sensitive information, but we can confirm we have a grand total of 38 other plants being studied (19 from Africa, 12 from South America, 4 from Asia), of which 5 are in an advanced stage of research. We expect at least 2 of these will be marketed by us before the end of 2002 in addition to Sutherlandia and Sceletium.

  16. Not at this stage. We do not have the technical expertise to effectively evaluate animal derived substances, which require very different skills to that of the analysis of plants.

  17. No. We select certain strains of Sutherlandia, but this is nothing different to what farmers have practiced for centuries in selecting the best strains of wheat, barley or rice. We have no plans for any genetic modification to Sutherlandia plants and do not foresee the need to do so.

  18. As far as we know, no. Sutherlandia is an ingestible plant and is not restricted in any way. However, as there are over 200 nations in the world, and many times that component states with their own laws and regulations, it is up to the purchaser of Sutherlandia to make certain they are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to nutritional supplements.

  19. You need to raise this with your health insurance company directly - but the answer is almost certainly not yet. Sutherlandia is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. However, we are in discussions with some health companies in some countries about Sutherlandia, but these discussions are just starting and any positive outcomes could be many months away, at the minimum.

  20. One of our key principles is that we do not patent our discoveries: that is simply a fact that the very nature of what we do means we cannot try to take control of something that has been known for hundreds of years. We simply research plants that have been used for many years by various peoples around the world, thus those plants are considered in common knowledge and not subject to patents (and we are not interested in hearing from any more lawyers who wish to tell us otherwise!). However, we will also need to turn over a profit. Our research is a definite component of this: having unique information gives our own remedies a slight edge over others. Also, the Principals of Sutherlandia.Com have other successful business interests which allow them to give Sutherlandia.Com a chance to establish its knowledge base more fully - whilst we are not willing to go into debt by borrowing to expand our operations, we do realize that a not unsubstantial outlay is needed to make this project work.

  21. We do not have anything to do with animal based substances. This is not because of a belief in any lack of effectiveness of some them - in fact, many appear to be quite effective - but due to a number of ethical and scientific reasons. Firstly, many staff of Sutherlandia.Com are strongly opposed to animal based medicines on moral grounds. Secondly, the trade of many of these substances is illegal as they involve the harming of protected species. Thirdly, we find that many of these substances have a comparatively short shelf life. Finally, we simply do not have the expertise to properly evaluate these products: the biochemistry of animal matter is very different to those of plant substances. Our current staff simply do not possess the requisite knowledge in this area to properly evaluate animal based substances - we estimate that gathering a proper team to do it would take at least 12 new individuals with very specific skills - we are not able to justify this. Thus, we prefer to concentrate on what we know we can do well.

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