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The Sutherlandia plant grows native in South Africa. It has been used for hundreds of years by the native population and, later, by European settlers, who all attest to it's effectiveness. Now, scientific trials are proving that the complex chemical compounds in the plant indeed do have application in the treatment of many serious ailments.


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Of Interest
Sutherlandia is being put to the test in South Africa, having been selected for clinical trials after mounting evidence of its remarkable effectiveness. Click here> for the report.


A fascinating report on the experiences of one patient with Sutherlandia - and other herbal substances. Whilst such a report is hardly conclusive proof, it does make for thought provoking reading. Click here for details.


The National Urban Network has a very interesting take on Sutherlandia. Click here for details.


In its native South Africa, Sutherlandia is making the news on a regular basis. Please click here for a typical story.


Sutherlandia is attracting attention from the World Health Organization. Click here for the story from the Straits Times of Singapore.


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