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Sutherlandia, and many of the other plants that we are studying, will be gaining more prominence in the world media in the next few years. Here, you can keep in touch with the latest news about them and related issues.


Knowledge is power
Sutherlandia.Com is at the forefront of ensuring that the health knowledge of diverse peoples across the world is made available to everyone at an affordable cost. In doing this, we most certainly will spark interest by many...and the displeasure of (hopefully) a very tiny number of interests.

Here, we keep you up to date with the latest developments around the world that impact on us, our areas of expertise...and you.

20th February 2004

HIV/AIDS May Scuttle Impacts of Icts - Africa
HIV/AIDS is on the rise, and may jeopardize the progress recorded so far in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) developments, reports REMMY NWEKE ...

HIV/AIDS Declared National Humanitarian Disaster In Swaziland
Voice of America
USA The king of Swaziland has declared a national humanitarian disaster because of the country's AIDS crisis and a long-term drought. ...

GOVT Opens HIV/Aids Drug Trade - Africa
THE Government has allowed private pharmaceutical companies to procure anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs on the international market. ...

28th January 2004

SOLOMONS medical authorities deny HIV/AIDS case
Radio Australia
Medical authorities in Solomon Islands have moved to publicly deny allegations that there has been the first case of HIV-AIDS diagnosed in the capital, Honiara ...

27th January 2004

WOMEN'S conference to tackle HIV/Aids scourge
Daily Nation
Women and girls are the most vulnerable and susceptible to HIV/Aids infection and they therefore need to be empowered to enable them bargain for safe sex ...

COMMISSION adopts new strategy to combat HIV/AIDS
The Ghana AIDS Commission has launched a programme known as "The work Place Policy Development" to protect employees and other high-risk groups from HIV/AIDS ...

HIV/AIDS ad to air during the Super Bowl
CBS will air what is being called the first-ever HIV/AIDS commercial to be seen during Super Bowl Sunday programming. Sources within ...

REGIONAL HIV/AIDS Advisor - Harare, Zimbabwe
Foreign Policy Association
To support and supplement in-country skills and capacities in the area of HIV/AIDS. Support country level managers / advisors in ...

SANCTION groups that divert HIV/AIDS funds
Contact Person of a Community Based Organisation (CBO), has called on the government to punish groups and organisations, which mismanage funds for the HIV/AIDS ...

26th January 2004

US-BACKED Controversial HIV/AIDS Vaccine Trial Starts on 16,000 ... Voice of America A major AIDS vaccine trial recently got underway in Thailand. But a group of prominent AIDS researchers says the experiment is a ...

EXPERTS focus on State HIV/AIDS
... UNAIDS" for working out a strategic planning and action plan development for effective implementation of the programme for treating people living with HIV/AIDS ...

15th January 2004

LEGISLATORS debate limits on confidentiality for HIV, AIDS Providence Journal (subscription), RI By EMMA STICKGOLD. BOSTON -- As legislators grapple with requests to safeguard patient confidentiality, the limits of confidentiality ...

ADS, TV Shows Target HIV/AIDS
Good Housekeeping Magazine
... shows in the Viacom empire, including CBS, UPN, MTV, Black Entertainment Television and Infinity Radio, have incorporated story lines that include HIV/AIDS ...,,usatoday_2004_01_

VIACOM and Kaiser Family Foundation's Know HIV/AIDS Campaign to ...
Yahoo News (press release)

... the world, and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a leader in health information and research, today announced that their multimedia campaign KNOW HIV/AIDS ...

HIV/AIDS Figures 'Overestimated', Africa
... by the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey - which was funded and backed by a US government agency, the Centres for Disease Control - suggests that HIV/Aids ...

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