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How to order?

If you would like to place an order for sutherlandia or sceletium, please do so on

If you are looking for bulk orders of Sutherlandia frutescens or Sceletium tortuosum that is dried and milled, then write to:

For a complete list of other African medicinal plants that are available in bulk, please also visit:

Of Interest
The Sutherlandia Company sells its products only via this website. You cannot purchase any Sutherlandia Company products.


Sutherlandia offers many sick individuals real hope, as opposed to some other "treatments" that are little more than frauds. Please click here for a story on how traditional healers are working together with Western trained doctors to maximize the benefits of Sutherlandia.


It seems that governments are often a little slow to act even when there is overwhelming evidence of a disastrous problem and an effective solution. Please click here.


The World Health Organization is beginning to seriously acknowledge the benefits of traditional non-Western medicine and is attempting to catalogue the benefits of them, as well as any potential risks. Please click here.


A great story which highlights the fact that the remarkable biodiversity of Africa's plants, including Sutherlandia, may hold to key to treatment many illnesses. Please click here.


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