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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is something we take very seriously. We will never sell your personal data to any outside party. The information you give to us is only provided for the purposes of finding our more about or obtaining our products, and not for some marketing firm's database. We treat your data with the respect to privacy you demand.


Our Commitment to You
Sutherlandia.Com has the utmost respect for the privacy of its clients and for the individuals who use this website. Because of the sensitivity of the issues that we deal with, we limit the amount of personally identifiable information we collect to the bare minimum needed for commercial propriety and security of commercial transactions.

Below is our policy with regards to your privacy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scope of Commitment
Unless otherwise stated, all below statements apply only to the website

Information collected and its usage
Essentially, we collect two groupings of information about visitors via the website:

Firstly, we collect personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and some credit card information [if you place an order]) which is voluntarily submitted to us.

Secondly, we collect general information ( information about how many visitors view our, pages they access, for how long, etc.).

You can visit our site without telling us who you are or revealing personal information about yourself. We accumulate, maintain and use personal information you have voluntarily submitted to us to respond to your comments or requests for information, or to contact you if needed in the course of processing your order.

The Sharing of Data and Transfer of Information
Sutherlandia.Com will not, under any circumstances, trade, sell or share your personal information for use by any business, individual, government or non-government organization, unless required by law or as disclosed to you when the information is collected.

Your personal information will generally be stored in our database servers, located in the Cayman Islands. For simplified processing, your personal information may be sent, usually on a temporary basis, to countries outside the Cayman Islands. However, our policy is to ensure that your information is always granted the same level of protection no matter where it is stored.

Cookies help to make your visit to our website more enjoyable and meaningful to you, though there are some privacy risks in their use. Cookies are text information files that your web browser places on your computer when you visit a website. Sutherlandia.Com may use such cookie technology to obtain non-personal information from you as an online visitor, however, our policy remains not to use them unless necessary. Whilst most browsers accept cookies automatically, they can be configured not to accept them, or to indicate when a cookie is being sent.

Advertising Partners
Sutherlandia.Com does not, at this time, use banner advertisements, which may contain cookie technology to track and identify visitors. This section will be updated if this policy changes.

Our site permits you to choose, to receive or stop receiving communications from us or to not provide certain personal information.

We take certain steps to make all the information received from you online as secure as reasonably possible against unauthorized access and use.

Access to your information and complaints
We strive to keep your files complete, up-to-date and accurate if you choose to provide information to us. We will, at your request, provide you with your personal information as we understand it, subject to rigorous identification protocols being followed. You may have this information deleted or altered at your request.

We are committed to working with you to obtain a fair and rapid resolution of any complaints or disputes about privacy. If you have any issues you wish to discuss with us, please contact us on

Links to other sites
Sutherlandia.Com website may contain links to other websites. Sutherlandia.Com has no control over the privacy practices or the content of such websites. We recommend you carefully read the privacy policies of each site you visit, if available.

Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy
By using this website, you signify your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and you adhere to the terms and conditions posted on this website. This clause may not be enforceable in countries of the European Union. Please check back for updates to our Privacy Policy.

Of Interest
A good start for promoting corporate integrity on the internet is the Online Privacy Alliance. However, some view this as little more than a public relations exercise without any real teeth. Make up your own mind. Please click here to visit.


The Electronic Frontiers Foundation is your friend on the Internet. It ferociously monitors all threats to your online privacy and keeps companies, governments and organizations in check to make sure that they respect your rights. A must visit for anyone concerned with privacy not just online, but beyond. Please click here.


EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) is similar to EFF and also a must visit site. It includes an excellent link to various sites and programs that enhance privacy, many of them free. Please click here.


The targeting of children by many companies has forced the US government to adopt standards for privacy for children. Please click here.


The murderous acts of September 11 are having terrible implications for privacy for many people. Is the price worth paying? Please click here for a story on the UK's experience.


The phrase "no such thing as a free lunch" certainly applies to the Internet after the bubble burst: even the ever popular Hotmail must face financial reality.  Please click here for the CNN story.


Popular P2P (peer to peer) programs which enable distributed file sharing - and breaches of copyright of near unimaginable scale - do have a darker side? Please click here for a story on Kazaa, one of the most popular p2p programs.


Online hacking is not limited to pimply faced teenagers who subsist on pizza and softdrinks. The strange case of Princeton hacking into Yale's admissions system highlights the corporate cyberwar war going on behind the scenes - with your private data as the trophy. Please click here for the story.


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