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Poor Diet
A poor diet has many negative consequences for health. This BBC report outlines some of them.

Sutherlandia Frutescens subspecies microphylla - safe gentle treatment of depression, anxiety, wasting from HIV/Aids, cancer, tuberculosis
Zulu warriors returning from battle used sutherlandis to relax themselves. Grieving widows usedsutherlandia as an anti-depressant to help them through their loss.

Sutherlandia Tablets
Sutherlandia.Com is currently exploring new ways to deliver Sutherlandia in tablet form.

Tuberculosis and Sutherlandia
Tuberculosis, contrary to belief in many Western countries, is an ailment that is far from beaten. A contagious lung disease that is spread by a micro-organism, TB is making a comeback in many countries due to immigration, poverty and unsanitary conditions. Whilst treatable, the costs of curing the ailment are very high using conventional medications, costs which are out of reach of many public health systems in poorer countries.

Welcome Sutherlandia
New Page 1 News Sutherlandia offers many sick individuals real hope, as opposed to some other "treatments" that are little more than frauds. Please c..



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