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Sport and Fitness

Whilst not everyone aims for the physique of a bodybuilder, many people train very hard to increase their physical strength and endurance, reduce body fat and shape their bodies into more pleasing forms. In doing so, many people reach physical and psychological limits or injure themselves. Sutherlandia can help in these instances, enabling better muscle growth and recovery and letting individuals push through mental barriers more effectively.


The Active Lifestyle: For Fun and Profit
Whilst there does, sadly, appear to be an increasing trend to less physical activity in most Western societies, many individuals have defied the trend and embraced the active lifestyle with enthusiasm. These people realize that their long term health will benefit greatly by an increased level of fitness.

For others, the fitness they have is even a more immediate business: their ability to push their body to the limit is their livelihood. Elite athletes, professional sportsmen and women and bodybuilders need to be able demonstrate strength, endurance and an aesthetic appeal to their bodies that is far above the norm. To achieve this, they embark on rigorous training and dietary regimes that enable them to achieve what most of us can only dream of: they run faster for longer, they lift weights three or four times what others can; they jump higher, longer; and they entertain us in games such as soccer, rugby and hockey where their combination of speed, strength and skill make them heroes and idols to millions. As these individuals compete with others of similar ability and dedication, finding that "extra edge" becomes a never ending Holy Grail.

A Price to Pay...and the Limits of Endurance
But there is always a price to pay when one starts to move beyond "the norm". Bodies pushed to physical limits are subject to injury. Thankfully, most injuries are minor and temporary, healing in short time with minimal treatment. Other can injuries require surgery and a recovery time lasting weeks or months. But some injuries can destroy sporting careers and limit what individuals can do with their bodies. Chronic pain can become an unwelcome companion for life.

And in some cases, the pain that certain individuals experience as they push that extra weight or run that extra kilometer stops them from going any further, much to their own frustration. The body gives warning signs that safe limits are being approached, and the pain is a signal that one better begin to ease off...or face the consequences.

In other cases, physical limits are just that: an individual who is only 155 cm in height and of slim build will never be able to achieve the ultimate strength of someone of 185cm and of solid build. Whilst training and commitment can make someone achieve the most with their body, the reality is that genetics often play a part in determining ultimate performance that no amount of training, dietary supplements or drugs will be able to compensate for.

How can Sutherlandia.Com help?
Sutherlandia Frutescens Tablets can be of tremendous benefit to active people: however, they are certainly no "miracle" supplement: it will not make up for lack of commitment, a sensible diet and proper training. What it will do, however, is quite useful to individuals who wish to obtain an edge in performance:

The Benefits of Sutherlandia for the Active Lifestyle

Recovery Time When sportsmen and women push themselves, they cause micro-tears in their muscle fibers, the healing process of which is what leads to increased muscle mass and strength. However, the recovery time (between when activity stops and when the muscle healing process is complete) can be up to 48 hours, or longer in some cases. Strenuous activity within the recovery time is limited as muscles repair, and in some cases can even cause a loss of muscle mass. D-Pinitol, one of the active substances within Sutherlandia, can help with shortening recovery times, as it is a vital component in glucose metabolism. It increases and speeds up the ability of muscles to absorb glucose, which is what muscles use to repair themselves. More information about D-Pinitol can be found here.
Increase Muscle Mass As per the above, D-Pinitol increases the ability of muscles to absorb glucose, which allows for the growth of greater muscle mass. By allowing individuals to train more often between workouts, it effectively increases the potential of activity to increase muscle growth within any timeframe. More information about D-Pinitol can be found here.
The Pain Barrier Pain, when it comes from physical activity, is the body's way of warning you that it is approaching its limits. Many people, for various reasons, cannot seem to push beyond this barrier, even when it is necessary for ultimate physical development...or financial reward. Sutherlandia possesses a substance called GABA, which stands for Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid. This substance is an inhibitory neuro-transmitter. Essentially, it promotes feelings of well being and lessens anxiety...the same anxiety that prevents an individual from crossing the pain threshold when pushing their body to the limit. GABA will allow you to go that one bit further, harder, for longer. Please click here for more information on GABA, AND PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT WARNING.
Decrease Body Fat GABA plays a vital role in metabolism, in that it stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to produce greater levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH plays a key role in promoting the burning of body fat. More information on GABA can be found here.

Sutherlandia Frutescens Tablets MUST NOT used by pregnant or breast feeding women.

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No Panacea
Sutherlandia Frutescens are NOT going to turn anyone into a champion overnight. It will not compensate for a poor diet, lack of proper exercise or commitment to doing your best. It is not a replacement for other activities in a healthy lifestyle: rather, it is an effective complement to it for individuals who wish to go that one step further.

When combined with a proper lifestyle, Sutherlandia Frutescens will enable your mind and your body to more effectively reach new limits. When you need that extra ability to push yourself one step further, Sutherlandia will give you the edge you seek.

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