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Sutherlandia - Treats the side effects of HIV/AIDS and CANCER

For hundreds of years, the native population have been aware of the remarkable medicinal effects of the sutherlandia plant.

The Sutherlandia Company intends to play its role in bringing this plant and many others to the wider world.

Over the past few years, the medical and scientific community have begun researching it and have discovered many startling biochemical properties... with the promise of even more to come. - your trusted sutherlandia supplier.

The Sutherlandia Company, is dedicated to helping individuals all over the world achieve a better quality of life, regardless of their financial situation.

We specialize in the supply of a unique nutritional supplements, including one commonly known as Sutherlandia, a plant that has been generating a great degree of excitement in the media as well as in the scientific and medical communities over the past few years. Sutherlandia has documented effects in treating many very serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and CANCER as well as their associated side effects including:

Sutherlandia can also benefit individuals who, whilst not suffering from any serious ailments, wish to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Athletes and bodybuilders can gain tremendous benefit from Sutherlandia as part of their dietary and training regimes.

We also offer other products that can assist with issues such as panic disorders and other conditions. Much of our work is research related, which means that we only offer products after we have thoroughly evaluated their safety and effectiveness. As a result, we are somewhat sparse in terms of the total quantity of products we offer, but rest assured that what we have has been thoroughly researched, as you will find by examining our site in detail.

Essentially, what we are trying to do is provide people with A Better Life, where their wellness is at optimum.

However, before we go any further, we wish to state one point very clearly:

Sutherlandia will NOT cure an individual of HIV / AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes or Tuberculosis

Sutherlandia Frutescens is NOT some miracle plant.

Sadly, it does appear that some media outlets (even highly respected ones) have been using inappropriate terminology that leaves individuals with the impression that Sutherlandia is a cure for HIV / AIDS, and other serious conditions.

This impression is wrong.

However, what Sutherlandia does do is provide a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for the many people afflicted with these ailments, often reducing or eliminating many of the side effects of the illnesses, at a cost that is affordable even to individuals with limited financial resources.

We strongly encourage you to explore our website in detail: it should answer all the questions you may have about Sutherlandia: what it can and cannot do; how sutherlandia actually works (and how some of the more unknown aspects of sutherlandia may work); its safety and the research associated with its further development.

Whatever your situation, we at Sutherlandia.Com look forward to giving you what you what you want most...

A Better Life....

Of Interest
Sutherlandia.Com sells its products via the website.


Sutherlandia offers many sick individuals real hope, as opposed to some other "treatments" that are little more than frauds. Please click here for a story on how traditional healers are working together with Western trained doctors to maximize the benefits of Sutherlandia.


It seems that governments are often a little slow to act even when there is overwhelming evidence of a disastrous problem and an effective solution. Please click here.


The World Health Organization is beginning to seriously acknowledge the benefits of traditional non-Western medicine and is attempting to catalogue the benefits of them, as well as any potential risks. Please click here.


A great story which highlights the fact that the remarkable biodiversity of Africa's plants, including Sutherlandia, may hold to key to treatment many illnesses. Please click here.


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